Dr Bert’s Fabtabulous Funland

A Terrifying Tale from the Carnival of Music Mayhem

Dr Bert was brought forth to our plane of existence in the year 2000, through the vivid imagination of a day dreaming teen, who was raised on a steady consumption of Sci-Fi and Horror movies, while growing up in a sleepy country town. 

Dr Bert's Fabtabulous Funland spawned from this dream world, inspired by Tim Burton's fantastical realms created through Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, along with the eccentric Doc Brown character from Back to the Future and the MTV Oddities animated show, The Maxx. 

Dr Bert's Fabtabulous Funland sat between spheres of existence, the gateway to which was originally torn open at the Gulf FM radio station. Dr Bert worked tirelessly on his all consuming obsession; to create the perfect playlist! 

For years Dr Bert tinkered in the studio at Gulf FM before his journey led him deeper into music madness on 3D Radio. There, he toiled further in his quest for radio domination. 

Then, without warning, Dr Bert's Fabtabulous Funland simply vanished, gone without a trace but for the airwaves travelling through the cosmos. 

Lately however there have been signs of his return. It seems 89.3 Gulf FM, still holds some connection to the mystical world where Dr Bert has been trapped for the past 15 years. 

Aided by new technology, and his ever growing song collection, the carnival of music mayhem has returned! 

Every Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm on 89.3 Gulf FM, Dr Bert renews his maniacal obsession, trying to bring to life the perfect playlist!

Will this creation spring forth this week? 

Listen to Dr Bert's Fabtabulous Funland to find out. 
‘Dr Bert’s Fabtabulous Funland’ Intro 2022
‘Dr Bert’s Fabtabulous Funland’ Intro 2001
Dr Bert’s current time slot, Thursday 6 – 9pm
Dr Bert’s return to Gulf FM was originally on Monday Night 9pm to Midnight

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